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Important Reminder: KSAU-HS is a SMOKE-FREE University No smoking

  • Email Account

    • Each student will be assigned an email account.
    • Students must change their password once their email account is issued.
    • Student affairs will use Emails as an official means of communication with the students.
    • Students should check their Emails at least once daily.
  • Uniform

    For male students, they will be provided with the following uniforms a week before the start of the academic year:

    • Two pieces blue scrub suits.
    • Two white lab coats.

    All students are required to wear the assigned uniform while attending their classes.

    All students are required to have a proper haircut.

    For female students, they should adhere to the Dress Code Policy as stated in the College of Nursing Administrative Policy and Procedure. (CON-APP-018 )

  • Student Number and Badge

    Student number is assigned to each student which would identify him in the Student Information System and being used in all student affairs and academic transactions at the College of Applied Medical Sciences.

    • The first two digits { from left } are assigned for the Academic Year of admission in the Hijri calendar. For example, admission of the Academic Year 1428-1429 will have the number that starts with 28.
    • The third and fourth digits are assigned for the college code. {College of Applied Medical Sciences} code is “05”.
    • The fifth and sixth digits are assigned for the program code.
    • The last three digits are assigned for serial number starting from 001.

    All students are required to put on their badges and be clearly visible at all time while they are in the university, National Guard hospital and its premises.

  • Locker Rooms

    • Individual lockers will be provided for free to the students throughout the academic year.
    • Students need to fill up an application form at the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Students will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness of their lockers.
  • Disciplinary Penalties

    • First warning letter will be issued when the student’s absence reaches 15%.
    • Second warning letter will be issued when the student’s absence reaches 20%.
    • Third and final warning letter will be issued when the student’s absence reaches 25%.
    • Barring the student from taking the examination in one or more block or course.
    • Cancellation of student’s registration for a semester.
    • Dismissal from the college for one semester or more.
    • Total dismissal from the College\ University.
  • Attendance

    • Attendance is expected to be 100%. However, absences due to illness and other personal crisis can be considered upon submission of a detailed medical report to the Office of Student Affairs within three {3} academic days upon return. The medical report should generally be from National Guard healthcare facilities. In some cases, detailed medical report from other government hospitals may also be accepted. In the other hand, medical report from private healthcare facilities may not be accepted especially if the student missed PBL sessions, clinical rotations and examinations.
    • Students are at a risk of not being permitted to progress to the next stage of the program if his attendance percentage is below 75 % .
    • Attendance sheets should be signed by the students before the start of every class. A 10 minute allowance is given after the instructor signature. Any student who arrived after the 10 minute grace period will be marked absent.
    • Attendance will be closely monitored and enforced. Any activities that not being organized by the College of Applied Medical Sciences and the students want to participate in need the advance approval  of Student Affairs in order to be considered excused.

Home Students Student Guide