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Occupational Therapy Committee

Committee Name: Occupational Therapy Committee Committee No.: COAMS 04
Reporting To: Dean, College of Applied Medical Sciences Date Formed: 04 July 2011

Committee Charge:

  1. To search for an excellent innovative Occupational Therapy program developed by highly reputable Universities in North America.
  2. To submit a well structured comprehensive Occupational Therapy program proposal which includes the following by 31 December 2011:
    1. Introduction – Importance and rationale for establishing this academic program; mission, vision, values, features, objectives, and duration of program.
    2. Design, structure, map and management of the curriculum.
    3. Admission policy, criteria, and recommended number of students.
    4. Teaching faculty.
    5. Methods of teaching.
    6. Description of courses – Course code and number, credit hours and duration; course description; course objectives; course contents; course references.
    7. Student Assessment
    8. Program evaluation and quality assurance.
  3. To consider the first three semesters of the program to be general and preparatory for all high school graduates attending Health Colleges. Intensive English language courses, basics sciences courses, basic medical sciences courses and other university required courses will be given during the first three semesters (2-year pre professional program).
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