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The Clinical Nutrition program (CNP) at the College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS) is a clinically focused program that integrates biomedical and nutrition sciences to develop a deep understanding of clinical nutrition therapy. The College adopted (with modifications) the Clinical Nutrition program of The University of Oklahoma in the USA.  This program expands the knowledge of the biochemical basis of human nutrition as it relates to health, disease and disease prevention.

It aims to train dietetic professionals in the methods, implementation and interpretation of nutrition science. Also it prepares them for future careers as dietitians in health care, community, and private practice settings. Within the context of this broad aim, the program is designed to prepare graduates with in-depth, evidence-based knowledge and intellectual skills in Clinical Nutrition to encourage the development of autonomous advanced dietetics practitioners and researchers.

The period of study for the Bachelor of Clinical Nutrition program is four years followed by a one year of internship which student will receive a clinical training in one of the units of clinical nutrition in the hospitals. Students in the program receive coursework in nutritional biochemistry, nutritional assessment, medical ethics, nutrition physical examination and advanced medical nutrition therapy. Working under the guidance of a faculty mentor, each student completes a research project, collects and analyzes data, and presents the results in both written and oral formats.


The mission of the Clinical Nutrition program (CNP) at KSAU-HS is to graduate highly trained dietetic professionals capable of using their expertise to prevent and treat different illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and assessing the nutritional status of the patients.  


The Clinical Nutrition program (CNP) at KSAU-HS seeks to become a recognized program by peers and professional organizations.


  1. Prepare students to be committed and to display professional behavior towards all members of health care team and towards patients and their families.
  2.  Prepare and educate student to have a deep knowledge of the ethical principle related to Clinical Nutrition and be committed practitioner with professional integrity.
  3. Train students to be competent in decision-making and clinical reasoning in order to develop a Clinical Nutrition diagnosis by interpreting findings from patient’s history, clinical and other diagnostic examinations, taking into account the cultural and social background of the individual.
  4. Develop student’s knowledge and understanding of the broader issues of Clinical Nutrition in clinical practice; be competent in a wide range of skills including research, problem-solving, planning, communication, presentation and team work skills.
  5. Develop the student’s ability in communicating efficiently with patient and other professionals both orally and in writing.
  6. Improve student’s abilities in planning and carrying out community nutritional assessment.
Home Academics Clinical Nutrition